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Hello! You’ve entered the Offices of Phone Sex Therapy at I’m Nurse Smakyt and I am going to help you get prepared for your personalized therapy session. Be prepared for thought-provoking questions and being open with all of your sexual practices. All sessions are personalized to each patient’s needs. Our counselors are amazing. Let’s get you ready for a Consultation!

Phone Sex Therapy is a specialized phone sex service and for adult entertainment purposes only. You must be a legal adult to enter this website and use this service.

Being that Phone Sex Therapy is a fantasy, our Sensual Therapists have PhDs in Perversion.  They are skilled both personally and professionally with complex roleplay, interview questions, and even sexual education.  Sessions are open wide to interpretation and to your desires or interests. We can create a very detailed therapy fantasy and play it out in any way that you’d like. Bring us your ideas and we’ll share some of ours with you to create the perfect session. Or if you prefer we can design a complete “program” for you.

We also do Phone Sex Coaching which is very similar to Intimacy Coaching. We can not only discuss intimacy/attachment but practice sensual self-touch, relaxation, and self-pleasure together. In intimacy coaching sessions the “phone sex” is not your typical “raunchy” style. It’s more gentle and soothing, much slower in its progression to orgasm. In our opinion, it is a form of healthy self-care.

Please Prepare for a Session HERE

PHONE SEX THERAPY Sometimes we have certain fantasies and we wonder if others do too. Sure, you can find most kinks on porn sites but have you ever been able to discuss it in great detail with an experienced woman? I’ve talked with thousands of men across the USA and different countries. Let’s talk now.

INTIMATE PHONE SEX Are you getting enough sexual intimacy in your life? Perhaps you are single or divorced and dating hasn’t been producing the results you desire. Let’s get to know one another and we can become intimate with no strings attached. Let’s arrange an intimate call together now!

PHONE SEX COACH Guidance, sexual instruction, or education isn’t easy to find especially when it comes to understanding women. If you need some honest sexual answers about how to reconnect with your partner in the bedroom I am full of ideas. This is phone sex that even your partner could approve of.

phone sex therapy