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How to Become a Phone Sex Operator

PSO Training, Education, and Support!

Talking dirty is simple. How to deal with clients and various personalities, be an authentic communicator, handle conflicts, and customer service issues are all completely different matters. Even IF you have business experience… being a phone sex operator in the adult industry is a unique experience.

No expensive Courses! Buy what you want ala carte! Do a private and personalized consultation for a reasonable price!

PSO Coach was designed for independent phone sex operators who are already doing well but want to grow their monthly income, get organized, hear advice, or even explore new ideas. We do not believe in “teaching” anyone HOW to do phone sex calls. Tips can help you absolutely, but it’s your personal skill set as a phone sex operator that makes you unique. The things we CAN “teach” you are about running a business, how to do better calls, understanding the clients, and how to organize yourself. These things are the real secrets of the industry!

The PSO Coach can work with independent Phone Sex Operators, Service Owners, or even adult businesses that wish to target this industry for their business. We can help an individual PSO learn to do better calls with tips and tricks. We help owners avoid chargebacks, learn how to deal with tricky situations such as dealing with a wife, do business and marketing plans, and more. A business that wishes to market the PSO industry has a lot to learn about its target audience, and we’re also here to help and offer advice!

PSO Coach has 25 years of experience in the phone sex industry, as well as 30 years of customer service and telephone work, and an education in business, marketing, and advertising skills/experience. The PSO Coach has been involved in the phone sex business from every aspect that exists including service bureaus, dispatch companies, direct dial, and Niteflirt. The PSO Coach is professional, impartial, ethical, and fair.

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying. – W. Clement Stone

A truly successful person is not one who achieves his highest ambitions, but one who enjoys helping others reach theirs. ― Charbel Tadros