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Get the Poison Out!

Sexual build-up creates tension in the brain and in the body.  Sometimes ya just have to get that poison out so you can focus on work or life. So let’s talk about it! A session can be:

  • Roleplaying fetishes or s special kink you have. It can be our secret!
  • Send us a photo of your cock and we can rate it for it on the phone.
  • We can explore your sexual fantasies and desires with an honest and open discussion.
  • We can talk about enhancing your sexual satisfaction through masturbation.
  • Let’s be open-minded and understand that masturbation is absolutely a form of self-care.
  • We can even watch porn together and interact with it. Watching porn with a companion is very hot.

Phone Sex can never actually replace real-life sex. It’s more of a supplement to your masturbation habit. And masturbation is healthy.


5 Minute INTRO Session is $10

Do a Full Session for 20-30 Minutes

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