One on One Coaching

phone sex operator advice, support, and help

Coaching Sessions – Hourly telephone consultations are available typically by appointment. We can cover any topic of your choosing, or cover several areas. Consults can be anything from pep talks, motivation, to complete brainstorming sessions.

Plan on each session going for 30 minutes or 60 minutes long depending on what you wish to spend.  You may use a private system to call me. Please see the Payments page. A session is tax deductible as a business expense.

Sessions and topics are prepared in advance so that we can make the best use of our time together. Please be sure that the appointment is met by you and that all distractions are eliminated.

During your initial session, we want to understand your style, your business plans, marketing plans so we may tailor our work to you.

During sessions it is best to be online at the same time and have access to your email account. There may be links shared, or even some of our work that we would want to show you as an example.

A session is set in advance by making contact with the PSO Coach and filling out the 2 required forms prior. Please be prepared to communicate your issues/questions/desires clearly or a session is not worthy. You’ll obtain our toll free number the day of your appointment.

When you call you and the PSO Coach will both be prepared for your topic and your time will begin. If you wish to continue your session it can be done, but you will be purchasing another block of time. There are no exceptions. After a session ends you can also email the coach personally with questions about the topic. Other questions or advice (pertaining to different topics) will not be dealt with unless another session takes place for them.

Topics and ideas for Coaching Sessions

The following are examples of sessions that have been done by PSO Coach.

  • Is working independently better than working for someone else?
  • Practicing your interview techniques and skills.
  • Understanding what your talents are, and how you can use them.
  • Roleplay practice or brainstorming sessions on how to do better calls.
  • Sharpen your skills in areas that you need help.
  • Understanding the phone sex industry’s demographics… who calls, what their incomes are, etc.
  • How to settle disputes professionally and without drama.
  • Help in setting up a domain, hosting, and website. (I am not s designer)
  • Budgeting for startup costs for owners.
  • Advice on Independent Contractor agreements, contract, on both the pitfalls and where the advantages are. This topic is available for coaching with both owners and contractors.
  • How to protect your property (photos or written content) for free that will win in court.
  • For owners: how to prevent callers fraudulently using your service buy optimizing better CC processing and verification methods.
  • Helping you to get organized with company policies, procedures, customer service skills, and more.

Other Services We Do

Search Engine Optimization – We’ll do a simplified optimization for your site without “tricks” or “spam” techniques that can get you banned and defeat your purpose. Our belief is in having an honest approach to SEO without using “quick fix” techniques. Our methods may take some time to see results, however, we do them honestly and at an affordable price, unlike many companies.

Custom Spread Sheets – We do simple custom spreadsheets for your checkbook, income reports, expense reports, link exchange tracking reports, yearly revenue reports, payroll, etc. We use either Exel or Microsoft Works.

Other Services PSO Coach Can Provide:

Billing Procedures with your Merchant Account
Collections on Charge Backs
Writing Independent Contractor Agreements
Letter/Email writing about conflicts of Interest
Proofread and edit your Blog/s
Optimize a WordPress website
Provide Customer Support Service