My Specialty is Avoiding Chargebacks and Winning Disputes

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I’ve spent so many years in the phone sex industry and worked with many wonderful companies. I learned many procedures on how to handle “billing” from how to talk to the customer in general to how to protect yourself from Chargebacks. I’m also extremely skilled at dealing with all credit card banks and know the secrets to win in disputes. I have a 98% track record and can win a case from literally doing an hours worth of work.  Please note that I am not “bragging” I have just learned over 22 years what works and what doesn’t. My experiences has had me work with various companies over the years and I’ve seen failure and longevity. Collections are difficult to do in the adult industry so I have created an entire protocol where I never had to collect from the customer. I won the disputes with the bank instead. It is a formula that I can teach you in a One Hour Phone Session. Or some companies have hired me strictly to organize their Disputes.