Wondering About The PSO Coach?

I use the name Friday Flowers online. I’m a mature and experienced business woman with a degree in Business Management and a Corporation. I’ve worked in the phone sex industry from every aspect for the last 22 years from 900 lines to using various platforms to do calls. I’ve been a dispatcher, a manager, hired, trained, and run a company that made over $900,000 a year. I’ve been successful and I’ve struggled in the industry. 

I can work with independent Phone Sex Operator, Service Owners, or even adult businesses that wish to target to this industry. I can help an individual PSO learn to do better calls with tips and tricks. I help owners avoid chargebacks, learn how to deal with tricky situations such as dealing with a wife, do business and marketing plans and more. A business that wishes to market the PSO industry has a lot to learn about their target audience, and we’re also here to help and offer advice! I also can help a phone sex operator obtain a Merchant Account.

I have maintained clientele for 22 years, done print advertising, internet promotion, trolling, website design, blogging, audio recordings,  calls, hiring and managing PSO’s, Payroll and Collections, dealt professionally with competitors, Search Engine Optimization, and also resolved legal issues (Trademark and Copyright disputes).

The vast experience of the PSO Coach is available to you by private telephone consultation for a fair fee, to share the direct answers you really need. You may hire the PSO Coach on a one-time basis, or on an ongoing one for a monthly price. Please go to the Coaching Page.